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George Flynn found interest in divination such as tarot and astrology when he was a preteen in middle school and has been perfecting his craft over the past fifteen years. The only mission is to deliver messages from the celestial divine that can help guide you in the most prosperous direction. Flynn offers a multitude of readings including: tarot cards, oracle cards, tea leaves, astrological natal, and astrological transit charts. These forms of cosmic divination can offer you a sense of self-discovery and healing. 

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Flynn Tarot’s mission is to offer all individuals guidance, especially to those who feel lost, unsure, indecisive, or curious. Tarot and Astrology do not necessarily tell the future, but offer assistance and perspective with your present. That way we can form a better future. 











"George’s kindness and understanding speak through every reading I have done with him. I’m nowhere close to an expert on astrology, tarot, or other mystical beliefs, but George has a way of explaining exactly what he is doing, what it might mean, and how it might apply to my life. I have turned to him several times when I was seeking an outside perspective on an issue in my life and his readings always help me consider different perspectives or reveal some aspects of my life or situation that I hadn’t previously considered. Even when the reading helps to confirm some of my thoughts in a cosmic way, I’m still grateful for George’s candor and ability to relate. He is incredibly affirming and doesn’t take himself too seriously, which makes it all the more approachable for someone who wouldn’t feel confident cracking open a tarot deck on their own."

- Kevin M. 

Paris, France

"George is very professional, yet personal with his tarot card reading sessions. Even through a screen, my session felt just as if it were in person. For someone such as myself who is a novice when it comes to tarot cards, George provides clear explanations and descriptions of the cards and I left the session with a better sense of myself and what to expect for the new year."

- Taylor S.

Pittsburgh, PA

"George’s natural ability to intuitively read tarot is astounding to watch. I have been coming to him for readings over the last year and he doesn't shy away from telling you how it is. He seeks truth, he is honest in his delivery and confident in his skill. 10/10 would recommend."

- Kate R.

Philadelphia, PA


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